HSEQ Programs
  • Environment Protection
  • Safety & Loss Prevention
  • Process Safety
  • Quality

Environment Protection

We invest significant resources and efforts in waste reduction, energy conservation as well as pollution and emission control. LLP 'KARABATAN OIL'’s strategy to enhance its environmental performance is based on a two-pronged approach of leveraging on proven technology and adopting best practices.

  • LLP 'KARABATAN OIL'’s Effluent Treatment Plant can treat 6,000 cubic metres of effluent water per day to discharge limit standards.
  • LLP 'KARABATAN OIL'’s integrated Effluent Treatment Recycling Plant produces 2,500 cubic meters of Newater per day, substantially reducing LLP 'KARABATAN OIL'’s Water Footprint.
  • LLP 'KARABATAN OIL'’s Cogen plant uses natural gas and this substantially reduces its emissions such as sulfur dioxide, greenhouse gases and particulate matters to the atmosphere.

LLP 'KARABATAN OIL'’s attainment of the ISO14001 Environmental Management System certification is a testimony to its dedication in implementing environmentally-responsible programmes and practices for the refinery’s operations.

Safety & Loss Prevention

Integrated into every aspect of the refining operations, safety is fundamental and a work prerequisite for employees and contractors alike. The refinery firmly believes that incidents/injuries are preventable and recognises the importance of safety excellence to support continued business success. A comprehensive programme is employed in LLP 'KARABATAN OIL'’s loss prevention efforts, embracing all aspects of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Assurance (HSEQ). This includes promoting genuine care and concern amongst all workers as well as building people relationships to entrench an Incident and Injury-free (IIF) workplace culture in LLP 'KARABATAN OIL'. In addition, frequent engagements with senior management provide a platform for staff and contractors to raise safety-related issues. LLP 'KARABATAN OIL' also encourages a culture of Behavioural Based Safety Engagement amongst employees and contractors. All personnel are expected to take responsibility for the safety and well-being of themselves and their co-workers through mutual observation and peer feedback.

Process Safety

LLP 'KARABATAN OIL' places a high priority on Process Safety Management, to achieve its Health Safety Environment & Quality Policy objective of, “No accidents, no harm to people, no damage to the environment and total customer satisfaction”. A rigorous process safety management system is in place to prevent potential Loss of Containment (LOC) incidents. To improve process safety performance, LLP 'KARABATAN OIL' firmly believes in learning from past incidents. Opportunities for improvements are identified and implemented based on comprehensive investigations of internal LOC and near-miss incidents, as well as on lessons learnt from incidents at other external refineries. LLP 'KARABATAN OIL' also conducts regular training to build Process Safety-related competency amongst our employees. Process safety performance is closely monitored and reported, with close co-operation prevailing between LLP 'KARABATAN OIL' and its industry peers as well as regulatory bodies to enable the creation of a safe work environment for all our refinery workers.

Quality Program

LLP 'KARABATAN OIL' is committed to ensuring the quality of our products and services meets customers’ requirements and achieves customer satisfaction.

All products go through a process of stringent quality controls before leaving the refinery by tankers, bunkering barges, tank trucks, drums or pipelines for distribution to domestic and export markets. Measurement and analysis are undertaken internally by the LLP 'KARABATAN OIL' Laboratory, which is accredited by SAC-SINGLAS and meets the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 for a specific scope within the field of Chemical and Biological Testing.

We monitor our performance in maintaining quality services and delivering quality products in a timely manner, so as to ensure that we attain and exceed Customer Satisfaction benchmarks. LLP 'KARABATAN OIL' also strives continuously to uphold our ISO 9001:2015 certification for Quality Management System.